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Sarah Palin: What size Levi fits? Tell Oprah

PicMonkey CollageThrowback Thursday (Deja vu From November 2009)

Who is wearing the Levi’s in your family?

TiVo’s all over America are being programmed to record the Oprah Show with best-selling author, Sarah Palin. Author? The same woman who was stumped by Katie Couric’s intimidating question about which newspapers or magazines she reads daily? She, who responded with a flustered response along   the lines of:  ‘Oh, lots of them’, has written a hefty 400 page book?

Months after John McCain was able to extricate himself from his running mate, Sarah Palin has written a tell-all book. With words, no pictures.

On today’s show, surely Oprah will default to polite banter about the tell all tome and then Oprah will gleefully dive into the hot topic: all about Levi’s.

Levi Johnston, the 19-year-old father of Palin’s grandson, is reveling in his 15 minutes of fame and is telling Wasilla tales out of Alaska. Apparently, a small army of PR zealots have been “handling” young Levi. He is involved in multiple makeovers, personal trainers, photo shoots, and guest appearances. Is Levi fitting in?  

Concensus: nice kid, but silk purse and sow’s ear come to mind.


Who knows? It’s a kinder, gentler time. This time around, Sarah Palin may go rouge…all that talk about lipstick and Pygmalion.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

Albert Einstein


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One thought on “Sarah Palin: What size Levi fits? Tell Oprah

  1. mostly I just get very anxious when I read the name Sarah Palin and wonder what damage she can do this time round.

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