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Caution! Too much, too soon, too fast: dating a widow

(Today’s letters from readers: Cautionary tales: The problem with widows)

The Candy Store Mentality of Dating

Dear Page,

Just as I was about to quit, a hearty and hale man from San Francisco contacted me. While he was much older than I am, his picture was okay, his profile was well written, and his interests matched some of mine.   There was just one glaring red flag: he was a recent widow.

Throwing caution to the wind, I responded to his e-mail.

We seem to get along, agreed to speak on the phone and met for coffee.  I fell hook, line, and sinker for this guy. I’ve met a parade of losers on Match. He was different. Turns out, his wife died- after a lengthy illness—a month earlier

I know, Page, you say to stay clear of singles that are still “in mourning.” Well, as it turns out this guy is like a kid in a candy store. He’s never seen and met so many single women in 40 years. He dropped me like a hot potato. I’m ready to quit this!

Laverne in La Granada


Dear Laverne,

Thanks for sharing your experience- a very common story in singles world.

Before you throw in the dating towel, contact me at sign up for a one-hour consultation- and let’s get you back in the game.

Peace, Page


Dear Page Larkin,

Help! My 72-year-old father has just signed up for

We buried my mother- his wife of 50 years -less than two months ago and already wants to start dating. I peeked at his dating profile, he brags about his mansion, his fast cars, and the clubs he belongs to. Any gold digger could spot him a mile away. I’m concerned he’s going to get taken advantage of by some calloused creature. I’ve heard stories. Can you help?

The Attentive daughter


Dear Attentive daughter,

You have every right to be concerned- your father is a way over the top by revealing so much personal information You’re right, there are ruthless dating scammers on the lookout for people just like your father.

Please contact me; if he is open to it, we can set up a consultation. I would be happy to work with your father get his discreet profile in good working order.

Peace, Page


 Happy New Year. Did you “resolve”  to try online dating in 2016?

Tell me about your love life. Do you need some help and encouragement as you navigate online dating? Drop  me a line:

The best is yet to come.


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