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Which of these 4 online dating notes are scams? Can you tell?

smallwwer26831_20130808-2Scams are rampant on the Internet and yes, Binkie, Dating sites get their fair share of nefarious creeps praying to prey on you. Caveat Emptor, baby.

To Tell the Truth: Which of the following four online dating notes are scams? Can you pick them out?

TIP: Look for inconsistences, obvious grammar and spelling errors, USA geography mistakes. If it looks a like a copy and paste – it is.

The following four letters are “un-edited.” Have at it.


1.) From “Peter”   OKCupid – from ‘unknown’

Ms. Jeanette, Am very happy and glad to read an email from you. its really shows how much you’re interested in knowing more about me while i want you to know that am interested in getting to know more about you either, Well, I hope I have your attention for  moment now!  Am Peter…I was born in brooklyn,New York,,

  • But presently working in hong kong on an Oil rig Project and will be done in a month
  • Am 6.2 fit tall with Brown eyes
  • I’m 83kg      (Name one guy from Brooklyn who weighs in kg’s?)
  • with Average body structure,
  • I’m a white man. (Thou doth protest too much, Mr Nigeria)
  • with just a small amount of Italian blood, not much but I am proud of it.

My ancestors came from England. Have not yet Traced everything, I’ve been divorced for 6yrs, also i have a Son and 3 grand kids who means the word and everything to me.   I am a romantic, sensitive man with a sense of humor and kind,loving,devoted heart and soul. Contact me on gmail. All mylov, Peter


2.) From “Dennis in Haywood, CA”

Hello dearie, You are so pretty beautiful. I am lucky you write in me. am able to love and surround the loved ones with my love and support.I like to make people happy and to be happy with them, Some of my hobbies are: photography, dancing, movies, occasional shopping and spending time with my friends,

I teach Yoga and give dance lessons like salsa and karaoke,( Really?)

I want someone who can just be them selves and that is enough..I can keep and value the harmony of the relationship and friendship with anybody.

I am a good friend to my friends and a good person to talk to.You will never get bored with me because I am fun to be with.I do  drink occassionally and do not smoke. We be gud. Ok by. Use my yahoo email pleez.

Oh, no! Horrible photo...

Real Photo?

3.) Henry KLM from Sausalito

(Well, he admits, he really lives in Nicaragua…and would love to meet at a romantic resort in the Dominican Republic)    Hello, pretty lady. We are soulmates, I can tell. Can you?

I want someone who is God fearing, loving, caring, kind, honest, with much love and affection …. I am interested in knowing more about you and letting you know so much about me. Me? i want to have a happy and wonderful person relationship.I am honest,kind,friendly and good looking man,with good sense of humor. I am a good dad.

Many kids have I. If you want to know more ask me:-) Iworked hard. Cant wait to met you and dance. I do yoga,swim ride my horses. Do you?

So please tell me more about yourself what is your full name? What you do for fun?,You live alone?, What is your best color?, What is the best food?

Are You ready for a serious relationship? What are the highest qualities you want in a man? Hope to read back from you…

Smiles, Henrycupid4.) George from Los Gatos

Hey, Miranda

I liked your photos and enjoyed reading your profile. We actually have things in common (Dive bars, symphony- season ticket holder, Sonoma wine-tasting) and I have never had a cronut. Look at my profile. I’d love to talk to you – if you are comfortable with that.

Hope to hear from you, George

Quelle Surprise: The first three letters are super scams. If one lands in your mail-box – do not pass Go – forward it to the powers that be at the dating site. They may – or may not- act on it. Be Aware and Be Safe.

Gorilla photo_2

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