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Sleeping Around and Better Sex

The Date Watchers – met at Bakery Tartine
 to gather and welcome in the New Year. Over the best Morning Buns and croissants in the City, they readily compared notes about new men, their love lives and dating challenges.

Single Women in the City

Truth be told: these ladies always talk about the Three Most Important Topics for Women Over 50: Shoes, Sleep and Sex.

“Are you getting any?” was once the most oft- asked question at the Date Watchers gatherings – referring to men, dating, affection, and sex.

However, in the last couple of years, the topic of getting any sleep seemed to monopolize their conversations.

There were the Ambien girls who – for years- depended upon the magic pill to get to sleep. And, they were very happy with their little, white pills.

Jill and Kat were distraught when Kaiser thwarted all Ambien prescriptions. C’est fini. The girls were actively seeking sleep solutions; they were dabbling in Benadryl and Melatonin and alternative  prescriptions (Think: Valley of the Dolls.)

Eileen tried Kava-Kava and quickly quit when she heard all the hellacious side effects. She now swears by Natural Vitality’s Calm Calcium – her First Class ticket to slumber land.

All the girls agreed on one thing: if they didn’t sleep – their libidos evaporated.

As a result, they tried warm baths, Sleepytime Tea, meditation, medication, sleep podcasts on iTunes, and, the most winning experience: The Kaiser Sleep Clinic.

Unanimously, The Date Watchers agree – a good night’s sleep mens better sex.

The New York Times tells it like  it is. See Better Sleep/Better Sex

Sweet dreams? Tell me your sleeping around story.


The New York Times Cited The Journal of Sexual Health: The Impact of Sleep Female Sexual Response and Behavior:


Give anything to keep up the the Jones’ Sleeping

Keeping up with the Jones’


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