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Online Dating: take the plunge -Sink or Swim?

floating-ring-160536__180“Your Daily Matches are chosen through Synapse – our Intelligent Matching Technology. We integrate your Personality, Preferences and On-site Actions, along with our perfect Behavior Predictions to continuously improve your matches.”

Hey, Page Larkin

Two months ago, I was inspired by your prompt and the TV ads and I signed up for EHarmony. I’ve only had nine dates – some good, some really bad. I’m really bored with the long wait time. What do I do next?

Alexa in the Avenues

Hey, Alexa in the Avenues

Good for you for taking the plunge and trying your hand at Internet dating. It takes nerve and a sense of adventure to give it a whirl. Let’s fill in the blanks here: nine dates in two months and not one keeper?

What are the top three qualities you are looking for in a date? (Remember, Prince Charming is already taken.) Are you strictly regulated by a “Must Have” list, or are you open to meeting men who don’t exactly match your picture-perfect-portrait? For comparative shopping, try a free site like Plenty of Fish. Too much catch and release might be a problem, Alexa, slow down and enjoy getting to know a guy.

Love, Page Larkin

Dear Page,

I just met a lovely man who is 12-years my junior. We get along – in every room – except one: his office. This guy has every camera and gizmo – he lives for posting photos on Face book, Tumblr, Flickr– everyday. Mr. Skype says he would love to put me on You Tube. Am I showing my age by being discreet and private? What if my kids see me on You Tube?                                                                Photo Shopped in Marin

Dear Photo Shopped,

First, bravo on finding a man you are so compatible with – age is not relevant. With regards to advertising your love life – or daily activities on every media available- consider the wisdom of Arthur Wellesley: “Be discreet in all things, and so render it unnecessary to be mysterious.” Love, Page

To Ms. Larkin,

I’m a fan and know you can help me. I’m too old for Dating Games. I’m an all-American, divorced, 49yr old male. I met a great gal a few months ago. I thought we were perfect soul mates, except for one thing: on every date I feel like I’m being tested. She parades me in front of her friends; takes me to chick flicks and museums. I can do anything once. I don’t play golf she’ urged’ me to play – I don’t West Coast Swing dance- she does – we did that, too. Turns out, I am pretty good at both. I like to have fun – but feel like I am hopping through hoops. She claims she isn’t testing me. I think she has a total report card going on here. So, help me, please.

John of the Sunset

To John of the Sunset

So you’ve met a potential soul mate, she takes you out of your comfort zone and you try totally new experiences. Kudos to you for stepping out of comfort and into a challenge. The best thing to do is to talk about how you are feeling. Let her know what makes you uncomfortable and start introducing her to your favorite past times. You’re a good man and deserve a small galaxy of gold stars. Enjoy the ride, who knows where you will end up. Happy New Year!

Love, Page

2016: A brand new year, a brand new slate. Do you have questions or need a helping hand as you traverse the wild and wooly world of Online Dating?

Contact me for a one-hour consultation* and we can see if you are ready willing and able to get up and running online in 2016. Carpe diem.

NEwPAGE LARKIN YrimageDrop me a line at for pricing and availability.

Sink or Swim


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