Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Happy New Year: Choose Love


Boo! What are you afraid of?

Do you have sexophobia?

Resolve to Kiss a Few Frogs and a few Princes in the New Year.



The Top 10 Common Fears known to single boys and girls:

1. Isolophobia – fear of being alone
2. Athazagoraphobia- fear of being forgotten
3. Gamophobia – fear of marriage
4. Mageirocophobia – fear of cooking
5. Sexophobia – fear of the opposite sex
6. Gynophobia – fear of women
7. Hominophobia – fear of men
8. Clinophobia – fear of going to bed
9. Homilophobia – fear of sermons
10. Nyctophobia- fear of the dark or night

What is the the cure? Hugs! Lots and lots of hugs – light hugs, bear hugs, full body hugs, envelope them for awhile hugs…

Happy New Year – See: Free Hugs

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