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Put your hands up! Classic “No Phones” Christmas party


We entered the very chic, very private club only to encounter a small forest of Christmas trees, a-sparkle with twinkling lights and old-fashioned ornaments, lining both sides the long hall hallway.

A Will Ferrell sized elf stood next to a ginormous silver punch bowl.

The huge sign, framed in tiny candy. canes read:

Blank white sandwich board on a city sidewalk
Club Rules

As fast as people surrendered their phones, Elf and his staff gave out claim tickets.

iphone-frame cute_180

Some people walked away slowly, looking back, incredulous.

Others were unsure what to do next – their hands-free.

The tables were laden with cookies and cakes and Christmas candy.

Several “bars” line the vast hall and waitresses dressed in red velvet Mrs. Santa mini-dresses and black boots passed hors d’oeuvres.


A tiny army of energetic elves entertained the children with tricks and treats and silliness.

The musical sound of children laughing made everybody happy.

Bing, Buble, Botticelli, Clooney belted out classic Christmas songs.

In a swirl of Ho Ho Ho, Santa arrived- and with the help of the elves, everyone received a gift.

The children beamed (some screamed.)

Meanwhile, at the the departure area at the club, the elves lined up all the phones numerically for quick access and smooth departures.

The party was from 12 – to four-o’clock. It was a first “phone free party” and many attendees were visibly uncomfortable a first – the, were swept up in the festivities and fun.

(Open hands Open heart)

It was a first and the ‘New Normal’ for the club.

Check your phones outside.


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