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Fromm My Heart In 1960


He was a big man on campus at USF.

I was a lowly freshman across the street and a world away at Lone Mountain School for Women. He wore a letterman’s jacket and was always the encircled by friends and fans. We girls admired him from afar and watched him at every home basketball game. I think ‘Dream boat’ was the term we used to describe Tim Sullivan

We heard he went on to graduate school in the East. Later, I graduated with a BA followed shortly thereafter by a much-prized M.R.S. degree.

Just like and all those Film Noir movies -the pages of the calendar flew by fast- and fast forward to 40 years later.

My children live in the four corners the United States.

Recently widowed, I move back to the familiar terra firma in San Francisco. Good friends had recommended the Fromm Institute and I enrolled three years ago.

I was totally transfixed. by Professor Bassan’s presentation on the wild and woolly Thoreau. My reading became even more rapid after Professor Minninger’s speed reading course, and I was enchanted by the empathy displayed by Dr. Lewis.

Last spring, I took my usual place in the sunny lecture hall, hanging on every word by Professor Fracchia. A man slipped in next to me and asked to borrow a pen. Fully engaged with the rivieting San Francisco in the 1950’s, I gave the man a side-glance as I handed the Bic pen to him.

I almost fell off my chair.

In an effort to remain nonchalant, I stole a glance – a second time and

I could feel my face turn the color of Christmas – you know, red with embarrassment green with “Gulp, I feel ill….”

40 years later – and I was sitting next to the USF BMOC, Tim Sullivan.

After class, he gave me the pen and a compliment and we started talking.

That was two years ago – and we haven’t stopped talking and laughing. I am finally dating a Big Man on Campus and I think he is going to ask me to go “Steady Forever” this Christmas.

Isn’t it Romantic?


Thanks to Anna Maria Lazzaretti for this happy heartfelt love story.

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