Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Denise will tell you she “Forgot to get married.”


Denise is a successful (read: very wealthy) CFO of a well-known Silicon Valley company; she drives a Logan Green Jaguar, has a gated home off of Highway 280, three adoring dogs, a cook, a housekeeper, a personal assistant and personal trainer. She pays a small army to take care of her.

She is a standing appointment of the Jackson Place Salon  in the City for an appointment with Liz for color and style – plus nails and brows. Thereafter, she always takes a spin through Bloomingdale’s  at Westfield Center to pick up a few things. She is a Chanel, Laura Mercier, and Kate Spade fan.

Flying Solo

A few of her college pals balance work and babies (and a stream of nannies, au pairs, and babysitters) and have made Denise their children’s “godmother” several times.

They have tried to “fix her up” with single men they know and like. Generally, Denise “feels nothing and has zero interest.”

The First Time: In grad school, Denise and Dan lived together. They looked like brother and sister: tall, thin, blonde REI types.

Both were driven, fast tracking, and competitive. They spurred each other on. She was never happier.

Then Dan met a woman. In one month, he moved out, got engaged and Denise was alone.

She was at the top of her B-School class, getting a lot of attention, interviews and job offers. She landed Oracle, then Google, and moved on and now is a V-VIP.

Party of One

Each week, Denise receives a small landslide of social invitations to events and fund-raisers or to speak at various meetings and organizations. She has been on more panels than she cares to admit. Generally, she’s invited by women’s groups, women’s coalitions, female engineers / Silicon Valley.

Secretly, she wanted to meet another “Dan.” He was perfect. She measures every single man by the Dan Yardstick– and every guy has failed to be a carbon copy.

Car Talk

Her father warned her against the Jaguar – he said the car was infamous for loving to go to the dealer; repairs were said to be frequent and expensive. She ignored him, however, every month or so, something was awry. She and the manger, Dennis, took to bantering and bargaining every visit. Every once in awhile, he would throw in a freebie and she would be on Cloud 9. After a year of Logan Geen Jag appointments, Dennis asked he if she wanted to go to a Giant’s game- he had great tickets and his brother bailed on him. No – no – no, she was too busy. He reminded her it was a Saturday afternoon game. He gave her his card with his cell number and suggested she call.

After a day of incessant mind-games, creative excuses, and a fear of flirting – she said “What the heck” and called him. He had her on “Hello.” He was gracious and funnier than at work, he asked questions and listened to her. He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer- offered to have Uber pick her up – if she didn’t want to ride with him – however, he had to brag his Jag was the 2015 and she would love it. They spoke on the phone for an hour – she laughed, listened and was comfortable and agreed to go to the game.

Their first date lasted twelve hours. So did their second date.

And, that was two years ago. She says she loves her Logan Green Jaguar – but she loves Dennis more.



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