Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Last six guys she dated on Match: crooks or kooks?


Rikki has had really bad luck on

Her last six dates were guys who were quirky, kooky and strange.  

One needed a loan, one was selling a bridge…
Pier Pressure

Rikki is a competitive swimmer. She belongs to the Real Bay Club, and the Polar Bear Swimming Clubas did her famous swimmer-grandmother before her.

Her “Grams” had some way-back-when wacky stories about the men she met while attempting the famous Alcatraz Swim. The family laughed and shook their heads when she mentioned some long distance swimmers clad in blue shirts and cotton pants. She was “a hoot.”

Her profile lists her swimming competitions, ribbons and trophies. Rikki said she is always on the look out for guys who also enjoyed swimming.

A Picture is worth a thousand words…

So far…she has met guys named Charlie the Wop, Vito, Tony Bananas, White Shark and Flipper.

Coincidentally, all the guys claim to be long distance swimmers. She has decide to throw in the towel…



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