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The Emmys – The Governor’s Ball + Foreign Press

Suddenly Single... Minded

Cinderella of the Foreign Press goes to the esteemed Governor’s Ball

There are two sides to the blazing Red Carpet entrance to the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. On one side you have “Them” on the other is “Us.” The steady stream of television stars smile, pose, wave, apply lip-gloss, pose for another photo and an interview and smile again. The attendees- employees of the networks: writers, directors, studio heads, Broadcast giants and just-plain-fans and lucky to get tickets, move in a different world.

In our Red Carpet line we were greeted, every three feet by another San Francisco 49-er football player-size security guard. The television viewing audience doesn’t see a phalanx of security guards (Ow! What? Is that cattle prod?) urging and directing all non-stars to “Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving.” along the Red Carpet.

All the while, Hurley from Lost is talking to you, Sophia of the

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