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San Francisco dates: Uber Lyfts and Critical Mass

86c6d473f7731b47c906d7286f46417dDear Page Larkin,

I fell hard and fast for a woman I met on OKCupid. She’s the polar opposite of my “ideal woman.” I will admit I’m a Kardashian fan- and that is my “goal girl.” All of a sudden I am with a short, perky, redhead who thinks I’m “all that.” What do you think?

Head in the clouds

Dear Head in the clouds,

I think you’re very lucky to meet a woman who thinks you’re “all that.”

Peace and Love, Page

dead-end-777__180Dear Page,

I met a guy for a drink and he arrived on his bicycle  and was likable. We had a few things in common and were both comfortable with one another. We agreed to meet Saturday at the Disney Museum.  Friday night, I saw him on the TV news- he was the star the Critical Mass fiasco- he was hitting a car with his helmet. It was all over Facebook. I sent him a text canceling the date. Was I right?

Mary Marina

Dear Mary Marina,

You are 100% correct. You dodged a bullet.

Peace and love,

Page Larkin

Ms. Larkin,

I met a gal who said she was “in transportation.” I thought she was probably a stewardess. She suggested we meet for a drink in the now “hip” Tenderloin.

Okay, I agreed. She drove up with a pink mustache on her car. She’s a taxi driver by day and a bartender by night. What you think?

Old guy old ideas

Dear old guy old ideas,

I think you’re very lucky. She is an enterprising woman with a sense of adventure. Take your time and enjoy the ride. You may get an uber lyft…

Have fun,

Page Larkin

Dear Ms Page Larkin,

I’ve been on for over a year. I have spent a small fortune at Peets, Blue Bottle Coffee and Philz, on dead end first dates. Rarely do my dates go well: either she is way older, way heavier, or not interested. What am I doing wrong?


Dear Trigger-happy,

Slowdown, read between the lines and look hard and long at photos online. If the picture is date-stamped 2001-move on. If the picture is of the person standing behind a chair, a couch or a tree – you can assume they are hiding a multitude of sins.

Seriously, and most important before meeting anybody, speak on the phone. Talk with them, ask questions, converse. Is there easy rapport or an effort to get off the phone? Do you share the same interests or have background similarities? Slow down before you smell the coffee…



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