Suddenly Single… Minded

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Union Square: Three Perfect Places to Break up

Breaking Bad…Breaking Up…Hot tips for a cool transition…

Suddenly Single... Minded

Good Places to break up in San Francisco: Union Square

Let’s say you’ve been seeing one another for a month or two – maybe three. It’s been fun – and, yet those quirky, little idiosyncrasies keep raising their ugly little heads: they talk too much; he licks his fingers after every meal; she can’t put her iPhone down, ever; they are so cute, so rich and also the worst driver in the world and you have been in three fender benders together and your neck hurts – not from necking; they drink/smoke/whine too much. Way.  And the list goes on…

You know it is inevitable when “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” plays in the recesses of your mind when your are together. It’s time to say good-bye. So, where is a good, centrally located, place to set them free?

Here are three places on Union Square that are ideal for…

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