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Flirting 101: Winking – a failure since the cavemen

Ugh – don’t wink at me!

Thor, the biggest, bravest caveman, never met a Pterodactyl he couldn’t fly.

He was the top Pterodactyl tamer in the village. His spear-chucking expertise made him famous in many circles. He had a ton of male, spear-chucking, dinosaur-chasing buddies. They would sit around the fire at night grunting, nodding, slapping their chests and howling at the moon. Their buddy, Krug, was dabbling with fermented grapes – the men gobbled up the one he called, “Cab.”

Meanwhile, cave-women were weaving reeds, painting cave walls with hieroglyphs, designing and sewing skins into clothes for the kids and bikini loincloths and sexy crop tops, bustiers, and halter tops for themselves.

In the olden days, when a caveman saw a woman he liked-he tapped her on the head with a kind of balsa wood baton – more symbolic than hurtful- and she was “his.” That was so mid-century.

The new cohort of women were much more romantic and wanted to be “wooed,” and sought after.   They longed for active flirtation and heart-fluttering, smoldering stares across the fire pit.


Thou Shalt Not “Wink”

Thulk, not the sharpest stone in the basket “winked” at the cave-girls. One day, Thor saw Thulk – winking, blinking, and nodding. The guy looked like he was having a seizure.

Thor, the cool caveman pal, pulled the Neanderthal aside and told him, “Dude, ix-nay with the ink-way.”

Old School Flirting is so Troglodyte

He taught Thulk the art of flirtation: including the lingering smile, a soft growling grunt (Grrr) and the importance of small gifts.

Cave-girls loved gifts– especially bouquets of flowers, tanned skins, baskets of fruits, bright shiny stones, leather bags with matching leather foot-covers.

Thulk gradually morphed into a real bon vivant kind of a guy. His social graces developed and he became legendary in his pursuits and prowess.

For aeons, that was the demise of “Winking.”

Rumor has it, Studs Lonigan the sought-after, dashing, man-about-town re-introduced  “The Wink” in the last  decade.

You either love it – or you hate it. Mr Lonigan claims 50% of all women love a “wink” – online or on the street.

He says, the bigger challenge is distinguishing which 50% are enchanted by his charm and chivalry.

Winking: Do you love it or hate it?

Tell me:



It isn’t what I do, but how I do it. It isn’t what I say,

but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it.

Mae West


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