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Suddenly Single at 50: Can you spell STD?

Tal, talk ltalk___180The New Yorker-esque cartoon, shows two people in bed – and on her side of the bed – standing in line are the shadowy figures of 15 men. And, on his side of the bed- are the shadowy figures of 25 women – just standing around.

The pithy remark under the cartoon reads: “How many people are you really sleeping with? Falling in love is easy- falling in lust is even easier. However, falling into bed with a stranger can be dangerous and very crowded.”

“Musical partners” doesn’t mean making beautiful music together

He got The Clap. She got Herpes.

John gave her chlamydia and she passed it on to a few close friends. And, they shared.

“Musical Partners” means that if Andy gives Brenda a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and Brenda sleeps with Charlie – who sleeps with Denyse and Erika- who sleeps with Frank, George, and Harry…There’s a whole lot disease-sharing going on.

You owe it to yourself- and to your new sexual partner to get tested.

In San Francisco, there are multiple clinics to test for STDs- like Planned Parenthood or the SF City Clinic. Got Questions see here

In Marin County, anyone can get tested for STDs at Marin County Health and Human Services Department on 3260 Kerner Street in San Rafael. Open Mondays from 1 PM to 3 PM and Fridays 8 AM to 11 AM. (July 1, 2015 new schedule will be created)

Q. What is the STD test? Is it written, oral, or multiple choice?

A. Generally, the test is a blood draw and the urine sample.


Claude is 67, an attorney (Harvard Law) who hold himself to a higher standard. Okay, he is both arrogant and ignorant. He is convinced -there’s no way he could possibly have any sexually transmitted disease. He considers himself impeccable in all walks of life. He has been single, this time around, for eight years and has been very ‘active.’

When the new woman in his life insisted he be tested for STDs before they were intimate, he bristled. Indeed!

She (58, divorced twice, single for five years,) politely explained, it was the smart thing to do.

Claude called his friend called his friend, Dr. Smith, to see if any of his old blood tests would hold up to this examination. He was told emphatically, “No,” and that he would have to go to the clinic, and have a blood draw and a urine analysis. End of story. And the beginning of a clean slate.

And so it goes. New Relationship?…/stdtesting

Women have questions: See Here

Get Yourself Tested – It’s your Sex, life FAQ’s


Where do I go to get tested?

Finding a testing center near you is quick and easy. Just enter your zipcode in the testing center locator at or text your zip code to GYTNOW (498669) on your mobile phone.* You will get a text message back with information about the nearest testing center to you. Simple.


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