Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

They are called “Stop Signs” for a reason


Pay attention to the signs…

There were so many Red Flags, you’d have to be color blind to miss them.

We all noticed – every conversation Tina had with her new beau, Mark, was strewn with his sarcastic, snarky and subtle put-downs. He was a cad.

 Tina-so madly in love with – being in love, appeared to be oblivious. Her friends were offended and confused as to why she would tolerate such a louse.

Divorced for six years, she said she was bored by online dating dead ends and disappointments. She met Mark at a wine-tasting event at Fort Mason. After a few dates,  she had placed Mark so high on the Pedestal of Potential Husbands she couldn’t see the warning signs.

She was oblivious to the   ‘He is just not that into you neon signs and messages.   Tina forged down the Highway of Hope ~ full throttle. She viewed his unwillingness to commit as more of a YIELD  than a STOP sign. Tina just knew she could change Mark, in good time.

We all wondered when she would see the Red Flags flapping loudly, all around her. One day, she received a copy of the book  He is Just Not That Into You and – out of the blue, an anonymous package arrived with the movie, of the same name. Sheer coincidence or was someone trying to give her a discreet message?


Would you tell a friend to “Ditch the Dude” or declare it was none of your business?


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