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Dating disguise? Hats and sunglasses – don’t even think about it

What’s wrong with this picture?
Are you new to or OkCupid and clueless about that all important profile photo?

hat and glases1
Top Five “What not to wear in those photographs for your online dating profile”
1. Never, ever, post a picture of you wearing sunglasses and a hat. Ever. Seriously.
2. Do not post a picture of you in a group of six people. And, never post a picture of you standing next to someone more attractive than you.
3. Nix the pix with a person of the opposite sex who could be construed as a date. Conversely, a picture of you with your mother scores big points
4. Do not use that old photo of you taken 20 years ago. Who cares? Unless, you look exactly the same. In some circles, we call that “a miracle” or just really great plastic surgery.
5. Guys: Don’t waste your time posting a picture of you in a tuxedo – it’s like a costume. Everyone looks great in a tuxedo. It hides a multitude of sins…Cut to the chase.


The Funny Hat, glasses, costume – great For April Fools Day Parade – not for your dating profile.

Want to get a lot of positive attention with your online dating photograph?

  • Have a picture taken of you wearing a bright color.
    87% of all head shots are people in navy blue, black, brown or gray.
    Wear a crisp white shirt or a pastel colored top.
    ( Note: don’t even think about using the canned photograph from the company brochure)
    A subtle – yet attractive- Primary Color or a neon accent: (a hot pink or lime green tie, scarf, an orange Giants T-shirt, or an unusual necklace) is bound to get more attention than a black cashmere turtleneck.

Ladies: This is not a cute picture by any stretch of the imagination. It is one rung below The Selfie in the Mirror
Have fun out there!


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