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Shopping for a date? Three classic come on’s

Flirting at the Grocery Store? fruits-82524__180 Suddenly Single: If you are newly-single and think Active Flirting can only take place in a bar or at speed dating event – think again. Every day is an opportunity to meet new people. There is no expiration date on flirting. On your next trip to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Safeway – get your Flirt On. Here are three true stories- twisted to protect the innocent.

Wine – The next aisle over:

A woman, standing in front of the Merlot selections. A guy walks up – no wedding band, she says, “Hey, does Merlot go with barbecued steak or just Pinot Noir?” He says, “Cabernet. And the Rosenblum is good. Do you like wine tastings? Rosenblum Cellars has this great Wednesday night wine tasting.  It is pretty cool and a mere ferry ride away- in Oakland. You should check it out.” She, captivated – listens, continues with the conversation. He helps her select a Cabernet and a Zin. Smart guy, he gives her his card. She says she’ll call- she is over the moon. He’s pretty thrilled. too. And so it begins.

Say Cheese: The Cheese Counter You say, to the other person- who looks to be single “Excuse me. Hi. I see you have the Comte. Do you think it is as good as the Manchego?” Or Hey…, do you have any idea- which cheese goes best with Champagne? It’s my older brother’s 55th birthday and I’m giving a party…” (Note: the plethora of subtle clues in one short sentence.)

In the Bag: Allow me! I would be happy to help…. Kevin C shop sat San Francisco’s famed Rainbow Grocery Store and was the self-proclaimed,  King of Flirting – you could see him chatting-up women right and left. However, his true piece d’ resistance was his friendly offer to help you bags your groceries (Rainbow Policy: Just Do It – Yourself) Kevin C. claims you can tell more about a women by the groceries she selects than all the chit-chat exchanged in any singles scene. Bagging groceries and flirting were Kevin C’s path to success- he met Kalinda – two years ago- and they have walked down a few aisles together. C’est fini. Kids, try these at home. Speak to people – say ‘hello’ more often. Remember: smile more, flirt more and you will have more fun. Guaranteed.

Truth is a great flirt.

Franz Liszt



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