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Top 10 Tips for the First Date

SONY DSCWhat to wear? What to say? Where to go?
Here is great advice for enjoying yourself on the big date.
Today, hundreds of couples around San Francisco are meeting for the very first time. Some will meet at Starbucks, others at Golden Gate Park, SOMA, NOPA… Many may be feeling nervous with a facade of calm – hoping their coffee-shop  date or stroll around Stowe Lake or the climbing Mount Sutro date, is going to be a winner. Remember: generally, a good First Date means a Second Great Date.

Here are the Top 10 Best Ways to Have Fun on a First Date

1. Timing is Everything: Arrive on time.
2. Dress up: Flip-flops, cut offs, and a T-shirt? Don’t even think about it. Take the time to dress to impress-casually.
3. Be Prepared: Read their online dating profile again- refresh your memory.
4. Grill Not: Do not bring a list of questions to grill your date with – this is a social engagement – not an interview. Have fun.
5. Score a table at your meeting place-keep an eye on the door for your date.
6. Relax: Make an effort to have your date feel comfortable: smile.
7. Play Nice: One compliment is worth 100 points. A mere, “Your photo doesn’t do you justice” or “You look great” or “I am happy we’re finally meeting” are very good things to say and to hear. Try it.
8. Ladies – pay for yourself; Gentlemen- offer to pay.
9. Ask Questions: As a rule: monologues are dull, vain, and insipid. Really.
10. Listen Up:  Use eye contact and listen – between – the – lines for innuendo, clues, and subtle details. It’s amazing how much you will learn.
Have a good time – remember: The secret to happiness is low expectations.

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