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Please recycle your Ex-sweetheart on Earth Day

Earth Day Recycle bags, bottles, and beaus.

Who are the Real Heroes of Recycling?

2015 Top Three Recyclers:

1. Fire and Light in Arcata  takes tons of old glass and fashions it into glorious rainbow colored plates, bowls, goblets, and candlesticks.Stained Glass

2. Green Citizen – Drop-off Recycling Their  Eco-Centers are open 7 days a week for electronics recycling drop-offs. Heroes! They recycle anything that plugs into the wall or runs on batteries.Hearts on a line

3. Karyn, the darling of the social set of Marin, throws an annual “Singles Romantic Recycle Earth Day Celebration”

She rolls out the green carpet; she conserves water and serves wine; she encourages everyone into the pool: arrive by carpool. Party favors are tiny redwoods seedlings. The colorful invitation, printed on recycled paper is printed with vegetable dye reads: BYOB – bring your old Boyfriend or Babe.

The Green Party – Recycle your old sweethearts

Partygoers must come in couples. Women bring a man they like and they would like to introduce to other women. Perhaps they once dated and there was affection, but zero chemistry. Guys do the same. Bring a friend – make a friend.

The way it works is: friends introduce friends and there is an underlying current of matchmaking and conviviality going on. This is the 9th year Karyn has organized the Romantic Recycling party. You can do the same. Your friends will be green. Invite them to a party and romantically recycle your friends.

Celebrate Earth and mirth.photo_11785_20090615peacock

Across the Bridge: Marin County has always been Green

It used to be, you couldn’t swing a cat in Marin without hitting a geodesic dome, a commune, a community garden, a hot tub replete with Peacock feathers or a yogurt maker. Times, they are a changing.

Now, everybody’s a little more subtle: a) no more swinging those cats, please and, b) everyone more discreet – composting is quiet.

Need a new Earth Day mantra? Go organic, change out light bulbs to CFLs; buy recycled, reuse; no plastic bottles. Conserve water – drink wine and, be sure to recycle your friends.


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