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Top 10 Places to Meet Men in San Francisco, Part 2

photo_1875_20060814Looking for a few good men…

Mae West said, “It is better to be looked over than overlooked.”

Odds are, Mae West would tell you to push away from the computer, get off the couch and get out of the house in order to meet your playmate, soul mate, or new best friend.

The Top 10 Places to Meet Men in the City – Part Two

6. California Academy of SciencesThursday Nights at the Academy –No other place on Earth has a planetarium, an amazing natural history museum, an incredible aquarium and a four-story Rain Forest under one roof. The Academy is breathtaking, dazzling and awe-inspiring. For a mere $12 on Thursday nights from 6pm -10pm, come join in on the music, activities and one of the best events anywhere in the City. ( Across the yard…The deYoung Museum has musically-inclined Friday night events, too)

7. Sign up and Join a Club that is of interest to you, and they will follow. Suggestions? Sierra Club, a biking clubs, a writer’s group, a hiking group, book clubs, film groups. Check out Urban Diversion. Go to, which has vast, long lists of social groups to join from: Arts and Entertainment to Zydeco.


Not exactly what you were looking for?

8.Volunteer at Special Events– There is no dearth of opportunities to volunteer in and around the City. Think out of the Box and Think: Car Shows, Wine Tastings, Golf Tournaments, SF Giant’s Games…

Or the San Francisco International Film Festival. Don’t miss Litquake, San Francisco’s most literary party – an October happening. Lend a hand at St. Anthony’s, or any number of Fort Mason’s Wine Tasting Events, Sierra Club hikes, the Human Race, various Writer’s Conferences. The big bonus here is that when you volunteer you get to attend the venue for free and mingle with the attendees.

golden-gate-bridge-482664__180More altruistic? One Brick has myriad volunteer opportunities and ‘provides support to local non-profit and community organizations by creating a unique, social and flexible volunteer environment.”

Note to File: 75% of the volunteers at the Mill Valley Film Festival are single women.

9. To Gym or Not Gym – that is the question. A casual poll among friends, and a few strangers leaving 24 Hour Fitness, indicates no one admits to going to a gym to meet someone. My friend, Siobhan, says the Universal Sign for ‘Do Not Talk to Me’ is ears stuffed-with-earphones.

She tells single women to take the high road (or the “Hi!” road) and says ‘Hey’ to every man in the gym wearing earphones. She candidly reports, that despite the noisy naysayers, the gym is the best place to meet men. Go, figure.

10. Hardware Stores- Some men are real ‘Week End Warriors’ and they frequently go to worship at the altars of Goodman’s Lumber in Marin, Lowe’s and Brownie’s Hardware. Men love saws, drills, bits, tool belts and workbenches. This is the very best place to start your home improvement project and to ask questions. If you want a guy to carry a ‘torch’ for you or get a ‘quick grip’ and be a ‘fan’, hit a hardware store.

photo_3203_20070905Where Else Can You Meet Men?

On the streets of San Francisco: in the elevator, walking into the store, on the 38 Geary, after the movie, at Ocean Beach, at the Sports Basement, the dog park, at church/temple, at dim sum, at Cafe Trieste, Sees, the Marina Safeway, the Farmer’s Market, at Best Buy, at the library, in the waiting room…

The only limit is your imagination. Smile and say, “Hey.” I Double-dare you.



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