Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Do fake online dating profiles really work? You betcha


After a dry spell on EHarmony…

Mike hired a professional/ghost writer to enhance his online dating profile. They talked for 60 minutes – “Ms. Pennywhistle” took copious notes, and two days later, came back with the new and improved Michael 101.

He debated about keeping his profession as an MD out of the picture. She strongly urged him to front-load his profile with allusions to his career. She insisted the word “Doctor” was a chick magnet.  There is no real way to disguise the fact you are a doctor/Veternarian or a lawyer or an Indian chief – unless you are very discreet or delete the fact. Ms Pennywhistle insisted discreet had no place in a dating profile. The goal was to “Dazzle and Date a lot.”

Nom de plume?

She also encouraged him to insert a passion for reading all things Jane Austen. Next, she changed his online name to “Mr Darcy” and, voila! his “ratings” went up. Way up. A few well placed facts and some “true fiction” can really attract. Mr Darcy was encouraged to put  his salary at $150,000. Again, he was told this was a red hot  “chick magnet.” Keywords like Tesla, New Yorker, Buff, were plugged in.

Every week – de ja vu
Mike gets a ton of winks, emails, and canned greetings from women all over the country. Who knows if it is his picture, or his winning personality, his very creative ghost writer’s finesse in creating an online “Star.”

james-stewart-675177__180In the beginning...Michael, aka Mr Darcy, was loving the floods  of attention from some very attractive women. Week by week, he grew bored by the boatloads of e-mails.  Women from the A-States (Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, and Arkansas) found him very attractive. He noted he was not willing to travel more that 50 miles from his home in Millbrae. Hello.

He had a penchant for petite and voluptuous blondes. He first-dated a lot of “cute blondes,” and eventually grew bored by the whole scene.

In a burst of Sense and Sensibility- Mike dropped off the dating scene. No amount of Persuasion will get him back in the swim of things…for awhile.

He is reading Richard Price, Dennis Lehane and Richard Ford. He will never read Jane Austen.553

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