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Check out: April Fools gags on Craigslist dating site?

Bunny-3Never too early for an April Fools gag?  Look at these random Craigslist postings. Buyer beware.

Granted, times are tough and the tough-to-take seem to be hanging around the Craigslist water- cooler. Here is a random sampling of San Francisco ‘Men Looking for Women’ age 50 – 60 category.

  • I am a nice looking guy in search of a lady with a pool in the San Rafael area for the summer. Get back to me.
  • I am married, in an open relationship, due to lack of interest…Is this you, also?
  • I love dogs, cats, and horses, and critters; like garage sales, flea markets, collect neat old stuff. Interested?
  • My last girl friends were great, but apart from sex, we had nothing in common.
  • I live on Social Security and that’s it. I’m not rich, I just want someone cool and lady like.
  • Almost 5’9′, 210 pounds with wavy hair would like to find a very petite or slim (or at least HWP) ordinary housewife, or working mother, who wonders how it would feel to be with a strange man – just once. I am your man!
  • I need a girlfriend and you need a boyfriend. I’m attached, but have plenty of free time!
  • Semi-perfect Sensualist wants to play Adam & Eve with a “thorny” thinker.
  • I’m 70. Want to be the granddaughter I never had? Let’s go out to dinner and on little shopping trips. Come to my place and watch movies or study for school. I used to teach college.
  • Currently attached WM (5’4″, 160, nice looking) wants to meet a married or single woman.      (Picky, picky)

old menCollage

Fact: “Attached men” are the epitome of a dead end.

Avoid at all costs. Fact: Goofy Grandpa claims to have taught college (U. of Hard Knocks?) and is strange, kooky and spooky. How is it, an overweight guy (admittedly a strange man)  is seeking a petite, ordinary housewife?

What is an ordinary housewife? Aren’t all housewives extraordinary?

April fools?

On the Other Side of the Ledger

Men who write Craigslist posts like the following must be besieged with emails responses:

  • Want to make some music together? I live on a steady diet of foreign films; I like to cook on week ends and skate in Golden Gate Park. Earl Thomas at Biscuits and Blues is high on my list of great blues and fun things to do every month. I also like running and biking. And dark chocolate, film noir, and pink roses.
  • Me? Sensitive, romantic, well spoken. I have great table manners and I like to go out on the town. Prefer quiet old-school restaurants that are not too noisy. My friends say I am a great cook. I love to dance and take walks on any beach, anytime. In the Sierras, I will  jump into mountain lakes. What about you?

It is better to err on the side of caution than to be cavalier.

So: Caveat Emptor: use caution, use the delete button, seek out “good guys” and check out other authentic dating sites.

The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and must therefore be treated with great caution. J.K. Rowling

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