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‘Worst of the Week’ dating sites?

Two Online Dating Sites to Avoid aka  The “Two Worst of the Week” Dating sites.

One is so bad – you have to laugh, the second is all about fabulous, world-wide, glamorous traveling for free. No, really.

Caveat Emptor: Scams, swindles and grifters are very prevalent on dating sites.indexmonyeeeeee

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

A cursory glance at the MillionaireMatch (MM) website tells all.

Claiming to be the place: “Where all the pro pro-athletes, rich – yet- busy – doctors and all the  very successful CEOs go for…” Romance and Relationship and it is  “... easy for the millionaires, whose busy lifestyle leaves little time to meet people conventionally, to find ideal partners online.” Who knew? 

Just How Much is a Million Dollars in 2016?

For the record- A Millionaire on MM is defined by anyone making approximately, about, around $150,000. Or less.

And, yes, for $39 a month, anyone can join. If you are curious about the company, background, history, affiliations of MM, you will have to dig very, very, deep to find any information. MM has gone to great lengths to cover up any tracks or facts. Google that.


Step Right Up – Anyone Can Join.

FAQ’s: You can’t make this stuff up. Here is a great example of the website’s pretty bizarre information:

Q. Where do my membership fees go?

A. Thank you for your interest in our company. We strive to make the best Millionaire dating site available and are always trying to find ways to improve the site without additional cost to the members.

 There are other dating sites that offer free memberships, however, there are many expenditures involved in running a wholesome Millionaire site.

We encounter more obstacles than most websites due to content. Gold membership fees are necessary to maintaining site quality. …
You may be surprised to know that all the funds generated from is what maintains (Really?)

Quelle Surprise! MM dating tips: The rich are different from you and me.
Free Advice for Millionaires who are posting profiles (NOTE: unedited)
1.    Don’t post pictures of your many recreational vehicles
2.    Don’t post photos with surrounding environment
3.    Don’t post shirtless photo of yourself
4.    Don’t put up unclassy pictures that show off all of your “goods”
5.    Don’t send dirty pictures to the person you are talking toBalboa CAfe502768_n

One would certainly hate to appear “unclassy” in such esteemed company.

If you’re worried about your MillionaireMatch online dating profile  photos- no problem: MM supplies these tips (unedited)

1.      A Glamour Shot is the kiss of death
2.      An Average Photo Is Better Than None
3.       A picture is worth a thousand words
4.      Always update and use current photos on dating site
5.      Attraction and honesty are big components
6.      Be a LADY in your pictures, not all men want a sexy “bunny”
7.      Be cautious of posting pictures of your children online
8.      Be sure the pictures represent who you really are
9.     be who you are on your photos

Sure, tips 8 and 9  are probably too esoteric for most, but it’s good to know not all men want “A sexy bunny.”

Finally, From the MM Forum, an informal chat room, “Millionaire Popular Katie,” shares these keen observations:

“A squishy, huggable MM man who knows the stuff I do has asked me to help him get his book published. I can do that for friends because I’m an illustrator & a pretty good writer! But I was thinking:  There must be an enormous pool of talent out there that we all could network with as well as flirt!  Me … I’m a really good illustrator, fine artist, writer/editor & speaker on a variety of topics.

 Oh, Katie, methinks it will be a cold night in Nigeria before another squishy, huggable, millionaire networks with a fine artist like you.

And, I hope you find your Millionaire!



A tropical resort at sunrise.

Tired of Air B and B? Couch surfing got you down?

Now, you can travel for free!

Qualifier: Must be a beautiful person – Checkout Miss Travel

(Unedited: From the actual website)

“If you are a beautiful person who wants to travel for free, just signup as a “Attractive Traveler”. Attractive Travelers are adventurous and open minded people who love to travel, but lacks the budget to do so. As such, you are looking to meet Generous members who are willing to pay for you to travel, or gift you frequent flyer miles which may be redeemed for free flights on all major airlines.”

You are asking, how could this possibly be a scam? It sounds so forthright, honest, on-the-up-and-up, right?  Could this be an Escort Service? So-called Generous Members pay, hmmm?

Come Fly with Me? or Up in the Air?

Some call it an escort service – others dub it “Mis-treated” and others call the nefarious site “Missed Travel.”

A quick look at the Attractive Travelers will give you a clear idea of  what is expected on this site.

Buyer Beware.  Buckle up and bon chance!



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