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golden-gate-bridge-534614__180 From the Mail Bag 
The next email comes from Violette- She is an avid dater and a party girl; she loves to dance and flirt and play.        (She admits to being 39- a Jack Benny 39) and is actually hovering around 77 – if you must ask.

Violette writes she is looking for romance, a romp, a frolic –  boyfriend for new adventures. She wants to “Dance, look at the stars, bathe in moonlight, chant at Taize, scale Mt Tam and revel in a sublime picnic involving Champagne and chocolate and making out.”

We created a well-crafted dating profile with cute pictures for Her name is ‘Party Fan Girl.’ She has been up and running for a month. She reports:

Dear Page Larkin,

You were right, a lot of men have written me notes…lots of notes – like a pen pal. “He says, I say” – all this back and forth fol-de-rol. I spent two weeks playing Poem-Pong with a priest from Pacifica. What ever happened to “Hey! You’re cute… interesting…attractive – want to meet for a drink?”

I don’t want no stinkin’ pen pal. Tell the men in your classes to get off the stick and into the game. Women don’t want no stinkin’ pen pals – we want joie de vivre!

Love, Violette


Dear Violette

Well said, mon amis! The unwritten Dating 101 rule is: Exchange three emails – move it up a notch to a phone call – and another. Ask Questions. Get to know one another, and if there is chemistry and potential- suggest meeting for a walk or coffee…and, so it begins.

Have fun, Vi – you are an inspiration!

A Giant fan,


imagessalllyyy ddddd


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