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Help! I forgot how to flirt with a woman

Chicks7How can I tell she is flirting with me?

Dear Page Larkin,

I used to be a really good flirt – a long time ago. I’ve lost all my “moves.” I haven’t been on a date in 25 years. I have no clue if a woman is “OK” with me –if she likes me- or if she is just tolerating me.  Help! How do I know if a woman is flirting back?  

Marina Man – Out of Touch  

Dear Marina Man ,

Welcome back to the Dating Game – as much as dating and flirting  has changed in 25 years – it remains the same. Remember these threes cues: Ask questions. Listen. Pay attention.  

If a woman is interested in you she will smile and make eye contact with you. She will laugh at your jokes. She might ask for help with something.

She may touch you on the arm; and, she may play with her hair or clothing or an object – all the while smiling at you.

Some flirtatious women will ask to see your hand – and will cleverly read your palm.

Yes, She may even whisper something in your ear. Or, she may give you compliment.   Listen. If she is interested in you she will say your name. And, you will return the compliment by saying her name, smiling at her, looking her in the eye.

After a date, if she is flirting and interested, she will always say that she would like to see you again.

That’s flirting! Jump in the water is fine.  



Tell me your Flirting fun or Failure story:


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