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 Dear Page Larkin,

My second date with Hank was a hike on Mt. Tam and dinner at his home. The hike went on for miles -mostly uphill – and I felt a sore throat and a cold coming on. He went to a lot of trouble to fix a nice meal: meat, potatoes, salad and ice cream. I’m a vegetarian (yes, mentioned this in passing) and a non-dairy kind of a girl. After dinner he wanted to dance and sit by the fireplace-my eyes were watering and my throat was on fire. I thanked him profusely went home –  I was really sick for two days.

I got a freezing cold e-mail from him saying that he was seeing someone else given my lack of sexual energy towards him. What say you?

Cold shoulder in Corte Madera

Dear Cold shoulder,

I would say, “Next!” You dodged a bullet.

Peace, Page

Dear Page,

Recently I met a cute, bocce ball playing, Pinot Noir loving, 58-year-old dancing podiatrist   online. After an exchange of two e-mails, he told me to call him and provided his phone number.

A couple of days later, I called. It was the most bizarre phone call of my life. First, he asked me how I got his number. I reminded him. Then he asked me my name-again and said he didn’t remember me. I gave him three clues about me and he went cold. I was gracious and he was cold as a glacier. I said, “Adios.”

I am thinking: how rude and what a whack job. The next day came an e-mail apology. What do you think Dementia or red flags?

Totally ticked off in Tiburon

Dear Totally ticked off,

You have every right to be upset by Dr. Bocce Ball. Truth be told, some people  reach out and drop a line to numerous potential dates- concurrently – and are not clever enough to keep it straight. That’s their fault. If indeed the note of apology was sincere- and your chagrin can be erased- you might give him another try.   You can tell a lot about a person in a normal phone call – be prepared to ask him questions. You should hear an instant replay of that apology.

Peace, Page

Page Larkin,

Last month I signed up for online dating. At first, a bunch of guys from ‘The A States” (Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska) sent me IMs and wanted to Skype. I live in San Francisco- and have no delusions about dating an out-of-stater.

I picked out three or four attractive 100% match guys and sent them each a short, friendly, note and not one of them had the courtesy to respond. Is it me?

Taking it personally

Dear Taking it personally,

There are some sobering statistics out of out the number of people who do not respond to notes of introduction online.

There is no rationalizing rudeness. However, it does appear to be somewhat rampant amongst the ranks online.   The proper protocol is to thank anybody (within reason) who sent you a nice note. That’s all.

Don’t give up. There are some wonderful single men- i.e. Last Nice Guy -Burlingame

Peace, Love, Groovy- Page


“Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one.”   Oscar Wilde


Take the gloves off and put a smile on – the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year.

Tell me your dreams and your nightmares

Q. Where did you get that Shirt? 

A. JC Penny


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