Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Thinking about quitting the Dating Game?

Sick and tired of the “Suddenly Single” and “Why am I’m supposed to be dating” scene?

Are you tired, run-down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular?

The answer to all your dating problems: Is try, try again. 

So you have already tried, Yahoo Personals, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, JDate, and Craigslist.

Who hasn’t?  Okay, so maybe you haven’t… it’s not a bad thing to try various and sundry dating sites.

Just like the song: You’ve got to Shop Around

If first you strike out: update, enhance, improve, re-think your online profile.

How do you come across? Do the research – see what other ’50 and Suddenly Singles’ are writing.  Give it a few months – learn the ropes. Note: it’s really  important to be pro-active. Reach out and communicate with others. Send out  quick, short, friendly “intro emails,” every day. Yes, every day. It’s a numbers game.

If after all that – you still come up dry and it feels like a dead end: quit that site  (Be sure to remove all photos, quips, quotes, essays and every trace then,  cancel your membership.)

 Your next assignment: Start Fresh: try new site

Start Fresh. First, post new pictures, take some time to answer the questions – remember, don’t panic about  writing a tome, or a clever witty, attention getting best-seller – being succinct is fine. Test the waters and be yourself.

 It’s a well-known fact that men are more apt to “shop” photos and read profiles later (maybe) and women are 10 times more apt to read a man’s profile. 

Some studies say that women are “more picky.” Perhaps, we are…nevertheless, you’ll never be in the game unless you sign up and get active. 

Come on in, the water is fine.people on the beach, enjoying vacations


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