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No Pants Day? Again? Thou drop trou

kilt windWill People Skirt the Issue in San Francisco?

There is a movement afoot to try on Sunday January 11, 2015 as National No Pants Day.

A couple of cocktails, a swig of this or that – and girl and boys  might feel inspired and inclined to participate in The Annual Celebration of No Pants Day. Ole!

Would it Kill You to Laugh?

This proposed, fashionable holiday encourages people (more like the members of the ephemeral 20/ 30 club) to don very long shirts, wild boxers of every shape and color- the more bizarre the better. Is there a fashionable alternative?

Once upon a time,a long time ago, the San Francisco based, Gap was the single, solitary, go-to-store for all non-Levi pants. Yes, Virginia, there were no other retail outlets for pants.

So, on No Pants Day, drop thou trou, thou bloomers, britches, pantaloons

and pedal pushers.  Cancel your slacks and your sweats, chaps and chinos.

Or- if you are too cool and it is too cold –

guys i datesd

 On Sunday January 11, 2015 walk across the Golden Gate Bridge!

It is a bizarre and dystopian drive from North Marin to Sausalito – with the Hwy 101 Freeway closed to cars starting around the Buckye Road House.

Is is so once – in – a lifetime- worth it. Do it! 


Take the Ferry to Sausalito!


Pants optional. 


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