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Seriously, what do men think? A self help yourself book

kids_-7Do you act like a lady? Are you a gentleman? Are You Missed Manners?

Stroll down the aisles of your local independent bookstore and checkout the ever-expanding Relationship/Self Help section. Next, locate the burgeoning shelves for Date-Mate-Fate. Prepare to be initially dazzled then overwhelmed with myriad choices. There are books for every facet of today’s dating society including straights, gays, bi-sexuals, try-sexuals, divorcés, polyamorous and polyglots, widows, trophy wives, and the list goes on.

You’ll see there are encyclopedias of advice, books on rules, spells, techniques, how-to-, what-not-to-do, when-to-do-what-with-whom books.

Psst, walk right past all those and look for the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by comedian and TV and radio host, Steve Harvey.

In addition to a long lived, successful stand-up comedy career, and hosting famed TV show, TheFamily Feud – Harvey has hosted a lively call-in a radio show where men  and women  barrage him with questions about dating,  bosses, relationships, in-laws and daily life. Fortunately for us, Harvey has gained some terrific insights and he wrote this very candid and  perceptive book.

Since the Garden of Eden women have wondered what men are thinking. Eve must have frequently asked the other tenant on planet Earth: “What are you thinking?”

Harvey’s observations are sobering and prescient. You will be amused and educated. ( See the Public Library)



The Date Watchers- a cadre of single cool women, 50+ gather frequently to compare notes on their dating conundrums, conquests and confusion about single men in 2015…

Bottom line: they all want to know what men are thinking. “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”  is their required reading this month. Single Men of an age, will totally benefit from reading the book, too.  

Even the Yoga Dudes at San Francisco’s the Mindful Body have also made Harvey’s book required reading. Getting the two groups together for a de-briefing book review could be a sell-out. Stay tuned.

Harvey’s quick paced book addresses hot cha- cha- cha- topics like: why men do what they do; R- E- S- P-E-C-T is more than  just a song title; and are you strong, independent and also Lonely? Solutions? See Chapter 11.Chapter 12 and Chapter 13.

This book should be New Year’s required reading for every

suddenly-single-minded person you know.


And! Look for Getting Naked Again by Dr Judith Sills – inspired!


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