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You Putin me on? scam – from Russia with love?

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How To Spot the TWO most reliable telltale signs Scammers use at Online Dating Sites…

The Best Scam of the Day On

His handle is “Big Mac.” Is he your typical All American Boy?  Probably not. His profile photo is of two men, each holding holding two ginormous salmon on a dock. The adjoining quote, “My son and me learning to catch Salmon.” Fake photo or really fast learners?

1. Words

Vladimir and his team of friendly frauds selected all the “buzz words” a woman wants to see on a profile:  Seeking: companionship, trust, passion, honesty, fun, best friend, romantic, monogamous, long-term, and rewarding relationship. You know, the usual laundry list.

However, they really trip over their troika and stumble and bumble with the pesky American Language:

Big Mac, sounds like Boris,  writes:

  • If you like theater… will be entertaining ourselves in a minute.
  • The meetings at work are business. Really?
  • As usually but I am usually the one to find the humor and usually the one to break the ice
  • Comedy comes naturally with the honest intent.
  • I am a gentleman who respects all others opinion or purpose and will never change the subject
  • OR refuse to pay the bill for a botched meal; unless of course the fly was in your soup!
  • I will always work it out to make you smile.

The fly was in your soup

The self-proclaimed, Transportation Engineer from the East Bay,  leaves an interesting ‘trace’ when he writes “We will bobbasheeley on through 2012, baby!”  indicating his profile had been up for 2+ years or a keen grasp of obscure Southern nomenclature? Or not. Google it.

2. Photographs

Scammers copy and paste random photographs of you, and you, and you and put them on fake profiles. Do all American men look alike? Apparently so. The trick is to flood the picture gallery with photographs of famous cities, sunsets, mountains, cars, boats, trains…all filler and with intent to distract. Think: Shell Game.

Whats the Rush or How Romantic are Real Russian men?

According to a Russian website, written by Russian men – the guys are great!

“A Russian man will happily take care of his wife’s parents… any children she has from previous relationships… and any of her relatives who are sick or simply in need of some assistance (financial or otherwise). He would usually do so happily, and you would not hear him complain to his wife about it.” 



See:  The Russian Man

Typical Russian Mistakes Grammar

Big Mac has been up and running on a few dating websites for a long time…

His goal: to work it out to make you smile.

Hold on to your babushka!

What is wrong with this picture?

theme park sideshow



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