Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Are women just window-shopping on

Suddenly Single

Fact or Fiction? Women  are merely strolling the aisles, window-shopping on looking for Prince Charming?

Dear Page Larkin, There is more window-shopping than anything else online. Seems like most women are not truly interested in meeting anyone. Frustrated in Fremont


Chad, (64, dedicated dad, well-travelled executive) dabbled in two years ago. He met a handful of interesting women – and something happened with each relationship: her kids were in crisis – he had to travel for months at a time with his job- life happened. He said he had a “pretty good” experience.

He gave up on for a while and just got ‘Back in the game,’ excited about the prospect of meeting somebody new. It had happened before.

Within two weeks, he said felt like women were window-shopping. Over 250 women looked at his profile. Not one woman extended a greeting –commented on photos- or dropped a note.

 He admits, he did hear from 12 women who found him attractive- he didn’t find them attractive, and and he did not respond to their e-mails.

(Note: Big points taken off for etiquette/ lack thereof- not responding. Bad Form.)

 And, he said there was no way he would respond to a “ Wink.” Like many, he was of the opinion that if you couldn’t put five words together to make a sentence -he wasn’t going to respond.

Strains of “I Can Get No Satisfaction” playing in the background.

What Quick and Easy 3 things can Chad do to engage and get noticed?

Tomorrow: Do Men Photo-Shop while women Window-Shop?



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