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Trader Joe’s Top 7 Seductive First Date Treats


Dating 101: Remember Trader Joe’s: Saves the Date!

Here are Top 7 Treats for a Perfect First Date…

So you invited her over to your house for a drink before you go out to dinner and a movie. Good for you! And, you’re wondering, now what do I do?

Get thee to a Trader Joe’s and get these Top Seven Gourmet Treats-  guaranteed to make your Cocktail Party for Two perfection:


1. Flowers: Trader Joe’s has the best selection of cost-effective flowers you can find. By three bunches-trim the stems – consolidate two bunches in one vase – and use the third bunch- in another location of your home – the bedroom, or the bathroom…well done!

2. Wine: Trader Joe’s has a vast collection of cost-effective wines- pick out one red and one white. Chill the white. 

3. Sparkling Water: Always have a couple of Sparklings on hand.

4. Hors d’oeuvres: Trader Joe’s is famous for it’s gourmet selection of really unusual a delicious nuts. They are the perfect cocktail snack. People go wild for Marcona Almonds lathered in olive oil and rosemary. Place in a small attractive bowl.

5. Say Cheese: You’ll be dazzled by the selection of cheeses from all over the world. Buy one wedge: try a rich triple cream or a Spanish Manchego.

(Pssst! You might want to seek out the Scallops Wrapped in Bacon.)

6.Fruit: Trader Joe’s has great organic selections. Buy a cluster of grapes for your cheese tray. And, Satsumas are a winner this month.

7.Going Crackers: Again, with the variety. Just in case she’s gluten-free – pick up a small, slim box of the yummy rice crackers- or – live wild and try one of the many Pita-chip choices.

What is better than One Stop Shopping?

A host with the most…interesting approach.

Sweetsge570Yes, the Sirens call from the Trader Joe’s shelves of yummy, decadent desserts and the “Thank You” cards are seductive…

One date at a time…





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