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Avoid Boring Dates….Have Sects in the City

coffee-mugs-datte_180Coming Up Empty? Not Another Coffee Date…

Avoid Dating De ja vu all over again?

Why Not  Have Sect in the City?

A great date in a church, temple or cathedral? What?! Are you kidding?!

Actually, no. Given that San Francisco is avant guard, cutting edge and diverse, it offers unique venues for chanting, singing, meditating, levitating and gravitating.

Here are the Top Five Places for a Not Holier Than Thou Date

Stained GlassGrace Cathedral, Evensong – Thursdays 5:15pm-6:00pm. It took the enthusiasm of a surgeon from Kansas, at a cocktail party in Seattle, to get me to attend Evensong at Grace on Nob Hill. He raved about the unique, meditative experience of sitting in the sanctuary at the Cathedral listening to the cherubic voices of the Cathedral’s Men and Boys choir. Divine.

imagesredddTrinity Episcopal Church, Taize- Wednesday nights 7:30pm: I defy you to find a more incredible experience in a San Francisco Church on a Wednesday evening. You’ve seen the impressive, massive red doors at Trinity. Prepare to be even more impressed. The hour-long experience involves chanting, prayer, readings (Rumi, the Bible, a wide variety) rapturous voices and exquisite, romantic candlelight. (“Cool spot for a hot date.”)

Glide Memorial Church, Sundays 9:00am and 11:00am You’ve probably been meaning to go to Glide for years – There is no time like the present. Go Sunday– arrive early (30 minutes) Prepare to scour area for parking. Then sing with the coolest choir, rock, and reverberate, pray. Cecil Williams is 85 and still rocking and preachin’

Congregation Eman-el, Stunningly beautiful Temple Emanu-El with a social and spiritual calendar that appeals to a vast cross- section of members and the rest of us. They have a dynamic rendition of a 20/30 Club, amazing lectures, yoga. Go, already.candle-11

Green Gulch Farm, Marin County, Nourish your mind, body, spirit. Green Gulch is a short drive from the City and a world away. A Buddhist practice center in Japanese Soto Zen tradition. Honey, they have bee keeping, retreats, lectures, mindfulness and nothingness. A sublime getaway destination. Make reservations.

Freestanding door in the woods

Mix it up – try something NEW – novel and inspired~~ I dare you

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