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Dating 101: Winking, Blinking, Kissing on the first date

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This week brings questions about Online Dating at 50+ and all that winking, blinking and getting along.

Send your “Single at 50” queries to

 Dear Page Larkin

I am 56, divorced for six years, and trying  online dating. I did everything you said (posted three recent photos, wrote my short and sweet profile, and enrolled in two different dating sites- OkCupid and Eharmony) and all I get are “winks.”

You said winks at the lowest form of communication. You’re right! Please  Tell men everywhere women hate winks. Don’t send me a stupid icon without a single word. My advice: just write one lousy sentence There, I feel better!

Linda in Las Vegas

Dear Linda in Las Vegas,

Thanks for voicing the opinion of many of us. Every week, I get tweets, texts, and lengthy e-mails echoing your same sentiment. Point well taken.

Peace and love, Page

 Hey, Page

I met a wonderful guy on Eharmony two months ago. He posted a photo of himself wearing a lampshade. Who can resist a photo like that? We skipped tedious questionnaires and spoke on the phone. Before our date, I Googled him and found him to be “as advertised.” We met at the Ferry Building, walked around for an hour and took the Sausalito ferry. We had lunch, split the bill; we walked and talked. He hugged and kissed me goodbye and I never heard from him again. I e-mailed him once, no response. Was it me?

Down and Out in Burlingame

Hey Down and out in Burlingame,

No,  it wasn’t you. You failed to mention if there was chemistry, heat, or mutual attraction. Good Manners dictate that a person thank the other for the date.  There is an unwritten “law” that – after a first date- two people make plans for future date or bow out, with a polite “It was nice meeting you, we are not at match.” You dodged a bullet. Truth be told: He is just not that into you. Say, “Next!”

Peace and love, Page

Hey, Larkin,

I sent out 25 e-mails on and not one woman responded. My message was cute and flirty and I thought it was really good. What’s up with women today? Is everyone stuck up?

Wonky in Woodside 

Hey Ronnie in the Marina

Remember: spell check is your best friend. Take the time to write a message that is coherent, interesting, and logical. Sometimes our efforts to be clever and sarcastic can be misconstrued. Try, try again.

Peace and love, Page

Dear Page,

My feelings are hurt. I enthusiastically signed up for the seven-day free trial. No one writes back to me! I am a Georgia peach: 56, 5’6. athletic, smart, cute and fun to be with. I sent out 15 “winks” to all the cutest guys within 50-miles of Atlanta. Not one man responded. Help!

Ashley at Tara

Dear Ashley at Tara,

Good for you for getting out there and trying. Let’s recalibrate: erase all thoughts of “winking” at men. (See above) It’s a lost cause looked down upon by thousands.

First, create a short introduction linking you to an attractive man: “I enjoyed reading your profile; especially the comment about… We both like… Please read my profile and if anything resonates, please get back to me. Thanks.“  Or, write a simple  Comment on one of their photographs…

“Manners on” are a source of much consternation amongst men and women.

The First Rule of online Dating: Respond to all notes, quotes, lines,  queries with at least: “Thanks for contacting me…good luck in your pursuits”

Good luck, Page



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