Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Bachelor for life meets a Dating Diva in the Tenderloin?

sad-manBobby, 56, forgot to get married.

He rock climbs, canoes, swims, kayaks, trout fishes, plays tennis, rides horses, works out and trains for triathlons. His condo looks like a miniature REI store. A true world traveler-he’s done the Big Swim in Istanbul, has run around the pyramids in Egypt, hiked Manchu Picchu, the list goes on.

The glaring fact is that he did all of this solo- all by himself. Sometimes, he might run into a buddy. He has a lot of “buddies.” Bobby has returned home alone, after most of his great adventures. Every once in a while, he will have a girlfriend, for a time.

Sure, in all those years, he dated a number of women- none of them were long-lasting. Some women accused him of being obsessed with sports and afraid of commitment. He routinely shook his head and shrugged it off and blamed them.

His two best friends, Tommy and Jimmy – (notice they all have little boys names) are married-with-kids living in the suburbs. He is “Uncle Bobby,” the perpetual bachelor.


Gina used to have her best friend, Bitsy, come over to scroll through the hundreds eligible men on the dating sites. She had been married and then divorced a decade later. She enjoyed being single and embraced “the hunt.”

Quickly, she became a very proficient online dater. She could easily read between the lines of a dating profile (needy, playboy, arrogant, drinker, argumentative, moody, couch potato.) She was prescient. Her girlfriends, and strangers, called upon her for dating tips and counseling

She was “dating like mad” for three years before she and Kevin met. Love at first sight, eventually, they blissfully moved in together for a happily ever after.

Head over heels in love with Kevin, she put those dynamic dating skills away. The two lived together for two years before Kevin left – three weeks before Christmas- to be with “the love of his life” the very young barista, Megann, from Starbucks.

Merry Blinking christs

After days of being shell-shocked- and doing the whole Kubler Ross – stages of depression- Gina eventually dusted herself off, dressed herself up and elected to go to church on Christmas Day. She’d heard about the famous Glide Memorial Christmas event for decades- and decided to ground herself in rapturous singing and lively people. She knew better than to drive to the Uber busy church and walked the two-dozen blocks.


Meanwhile, Bobby had nothing to do on Christmas morning… no one invited him to a brunch, a lunch, a party, soirée. He had nothing. For the heck of it, he decided to check out Glide Memorial. He was going to hop on his very special Specialized bike and realized: probably not a good idea to park his expensive bike in the hood.

So he walked from the Marina.

Shortly before 10 AM, Gina and Bobby were the only two people walking down the street- she was half a block ahead of him dressed in a forest green wool coat, black boots, and an oversized red scarf. She caught his attention, walking briskly, hands in her pockets. On a whim, he decided to pick up the pace- and check her out.

Gina could hear somebody behind her approaching. Newcomers called it “The Trendy Loin,” but to her it was still the Tenderloin and still a very sketchy neighborhood.

She turned around and saw a handsome looking man coming towards her – and debated for a split-second whether not to say “Merry Christmas.” Was he a mugger or churchgoer? She figured he was a stalker and walked even faster – trying to appear nonchalant.

Something told him to call out to her, and he did. He said, “Excuse me. Good morning. Merry Christmas, are you going to Glide? May walk with you?” Gina stopped, turned around looked at him and thought “What the heck?” At least he was a well-dressed mugger…

That is exactly how Gina and Bob* met on Christmas Day five years ago-and they have been together ever since.

 (She gently suggested he might want to quit “Bobby” and become Bob, and he did…he made a few changes and was happier for it.)

A wet red christmas ball


“GLIDE is the heart and soul of San Francisco.

On December 4, 2014, The GLIDE Annual Holiday Festival will be a fantastic celebration at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco. The event benefits Mo’s Kitchen, the heart and soul behind GLIDE’s Daily Meals Program which serves up nearly a million free meals each year to San Francisco’s poor and hungry residents, and all GLIDE programs”.


A wet red christmas ball







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