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The Matchmaker: Let’s get friendly and share…

I’ve got a friend, who has a friend… who you should meet.

Chas has a glorious garden in Santa Cruz that will take your breath away.
The explosions of brightly colored wild flowers, mixed with towering sunflowers, lavender, Sage, mountains of Cecile Brunner climbing roses are all reminiscent of a wild English garden. There are white bee houses polka-dotting the far reaches of his huge backyard. In the summer, the fruit trees are heavy with ruby colored cherries and purple plums.

He is a busy guy; a volunteer fireman, an abstract painter, he composts and best of all: he recycles- his friends. He is ‘romantically inclined’ and a self-proclaimed “matchmaker.”

Take my girlfriend, please

The story goes: after Chas broke up with Sylvie– they had a torrid, yet going nowhere romance, he had a GE moment.    It dawned on him, his friend Dale and Sylvie would be the perfect couple. Both were very interested in Modern Art, collecting wine, running half marathons, Persian cats, and volunteering. A few weeks after their peaceful separation, Michael-the-matchmaker, introduced the two. Years later he officiated at their garden wedding, in his glorious backyard.

Got Eros? Need a beau?

Even in high school and college, Chas  pulled the same Cupid-like stunts. Lori was ‘The Prom Queen’ and he was ‘The Jock’ who lettered in three sports. They were destined to be a couple, right? Nope, they were solely platonic- no spark, no chemistry – just mutual friendship. He introduced Lori to his football buddy, Rusty. Kismet!

Both were going off to Cal in the fall and, as fate would have it: they were together 30 years. Chas has been married to his best friend, Ellen, forever and she supports his desire to get couples connected – the old-fashioned way.


You’ve got a friend – let’s share

Every June, Deborah and Rick plan an elaborate gathering in a San Francisco art studio where every single person (in their 50’s) must bring a friend and introduce them to a like-minded single, open, curious, partygoers. All attendees donate a bag of food for the SF Food Bank.

Best-case scenario: new friends introduce friends – who in turn introduce friends. Civilized and simple.

All you have to do is show up – with an open mind and be willing to meet new people.                           Isn’t it romantic?

There should be a Craigslist category entitled “You should meet my Ex- I like him/ her you will, too”

Who do you know? Are you willing to  you play matchmaker?

Give it a whirl.


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