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Dating 101: Pick on someone your own age

lUUnN7VGSoWZ3noefeH7_Baker Beach-12Edward, the fancy-schmancy San Francisco restaurateur, learned early on to “Date his own decade.”

After his divorce, he reveled in the parade of twenty-thirty something models and aging debutantes who frequented his restaurant and Café.

They were superstar beauties, dressed impeccably and beautiful to look at. While they were gorgeous eye-candy, he found they were hard-pressed to talk world events; history was ‘last week’ they were missing any je ne sais quoi. Art, philosophy, and poetry- things he loved- were classes they all took in high school. Most had never heard of Schopenhauer or Proust – but were  fond of Madeleines. C’est fini.

“The Girls” loved his new Tesla and wanted to “Go for a ride.” Their requests reminded him of his daughters – 20 years earlier – begging to go for a ride in his sleek Mercedes. He knew youth was wasted on the young.

A Romantic at Heart- In Search of Lost Time

Edward dreamed of meeting a young Catherine Deneuve or a Juliette Binoche. However, truth be told, he, was a bit of a Gerard Depardieu- a little long in the tooth with a few (20) extra pounds. He had dedicated the last 15 years to his restaurants- his babies-which were up and running- attracting many of San Francisco’s luminaries and wannabes. He wouldn’t recognize a gym if it was across the street.

One night in April, five women arrived for a 6:30 PM reservation. The group was friendly and obviously, delighted to be at his restaurant. The one with a ready smile and the silver gray hair caught his eye, and he thought she might be flirting. He overheard her name, Eleanor.

The lively women added a certain joie de vivre to the room. He swept by three times to be close – pretending to fold a napkin, bringing them each an amusee bouche, and, really, to be seen. He smiled at Eleanor and she smiled back. He poured water for the table, always ending with Eleanor and lingering a short second. His wait-staff watched; they had never seen him act this way.

Flattered by his attention, at the dessert course, the women introduced themselves mentioning Eleanor was the only single woman at the table. They were all married, they added- emphasizing Eleanor was available. Not subtle, but sweet. Edward returned with a rainbow assortment of macaroons stacked high on a plate. He discretely handed Eleanor his card; he had written, “May I take you to lunch?” on the back. He circled his phone number.

A week later, buoyed by her friends, she called him. They went to lunch, which led to a walk, coffee, and dinner- many times. And so it goes. The two loved one another’s company, and five years later, they are still together.

He is now heart healthy- in every sense of the word. She still tells the story of meeting her Edward at a Girl’s Night Out.

 laissez le bon temps rouler

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  1. Delightful story!

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    Girls! This will lift your spirits! Romance runs rampant – be open.

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