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Dating 101: Winks – the lowest form of communication

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The First Rule for Online Dating: No Winks.

 In a very recent poll (single women, 5o – 70, exploring online dating, Bay Area)  women responded they ‘hated’ winks.

( Yes, the word ‘hate’ was actually used – frequently.)
The consistent message was: If you are online and find a woman attractive – write one single sentence expressing interest.
Merely pushing the “Wink” button shows no initiative, effort, creativity or chutzpah.

75% of the women said they ignored “winks” and dismissed the Wink-or “You are A Favorite” as lame.


What’s a guy to write? Here are Five Fast and Easy One-liners

1. Enjoyed your profile. Check mine out, please.

2. We have a lot in common – hope you will take a look at me.

3. You Rock. I am very attracted to you…perhaps you feel the same.

4. I loved reading what you wrote. See “me,” please

5. Of all the profiles I’ve read- yours stands outs. We should meet?


Try it! Guaranteed Results.

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