Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

What happened to sexy, single, Sally?

Suddenly Single

 She is single, 50+, a yoga devotee, well read, well adjusted, fun, and energetic. And she met a dead end dude online.

 Sally met Roger online. He was newly divorced a little awkward and naïve. Yet, she said he was sweet and fun to be with. She told her friends he “Needed work and had potential.”

They dated for a month before she had to leave on a two-week business trip. Upon return, she met Roger for dinner at a trendy new San Francisco restaurant that he had researched and made reservations. Promising.

He was a nice guy, who was certainly not a flirt or a  dancer. He had been married so long he was “Out the social whirl” and “Didn’t get out much” kind of a guy. However, he was open to trying new adventures.   And he was kind.

She made sure she looked hot when met him at the restaurant. She was happy to see him. He was like a puppy; he was excited and nervous. She guessed absence did make the heart grow fonder.

As they were finishing their entrées, Roger mentioned his law school friend- he called the guy his “Social Mentor”-  had told him about an  interesting new opportunity. Evidently, there was a wonderful group of really lovely people living together in a “common house” in Marin.

Jet-lagged, Sally was half listening- did he say commune?

His new mentor, Big Daddy, encouraged Roger to spread his wings, to drink-in his new freedom as a single man with gusto and to explore all kinds of new avenues.

“Uh, oh,” thought Sally,  “This sounds like a Midlife Crisis 101.”

The nervous man across from her was now espousing the potential for pure joy and freedom in a polyamorous relationship.   What were her thoughts? Roger looked a little embarrassed, however his closing argument seemed very well rehearsed.

The mere mention of Polyamory, sleeping around and a commune in Marin County  and Sally knew she was wasting her time. Seriously wasting.

She very carefully folded her napkin, looked at Roger, and told him she didn’t “Share.” She said that she was disappointed. As she slowly pushed her chair back, she stood up and said and said, in a stage whisper, “I am very disappointed in you, Roger. Good bye.”

By this time, most eyes in the restaurant were on, the tall, attractive, brunette leaving… with the balding, older guy sitting alone at the table.

She walked out of the restaurant. Never to be heard of again… until the next night, when she went out with friends, and regaled them with “The story of Roger the bumbling roué”




Bon Chance, Roger!





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