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Can a guy 60 and suddenly-single get a date with a “normal” woman?

photo_842_20060115scaleRoger the dating neophyte: and a tale of two coaches

 Our pal, Roger (62, newly divorced) had been failing miserably at Dating 2014. He mumbled, bumbled and babbled. He fancied himself to be Fred Astaire – dashing- and he was more of a Fred Flintstone- daunting.

 His neighbor, the 30-something, quasi Prince of Nerds – offered to be his “coach.” Tim had a good heart and no clue about dating over 50+, ethics or the real world. His advice to embellish the truth and “lie” didn’t work for Roger. Thanks to Tim, Roger was caught ‘faking it’ about books, movies, and popular TV shows. One woman called him “a misogynist and a misanthrope” for liking the book, Gone Girl. He quickly deleted the book from his dating profile “Likes.”

 Oblivious to “What Women Want,” You’re Fired, Tim.

 Looks like, Roger’s young dating coach read one issue of Men’s Magazine too many and was full of visions of a sex partner dressed as French Maid, who wanted Peppermint Schnapps slurped from belly buttons and desired to be ravaged in a dressing room at Victoria’s Secret and or a bank vault. Buh-bye, Timbo,

 Roger was ready to throw in the towel, when he met a woman- in a very long line at Safeway. They chatted – clicked and she asked him out! They met for coffee later that afternoon. She was about his age, his height, funny and sexy – newly single, too. Plus, she liked him. That was a first. They made plans for a walk-not-a-hike. He hated hiking. He was on Cloud 9.

 Spelling Game tiles spell out Help MeThat same week, Roger ran into Mike B, an old friend from law school.

After failing the Bar twice, Mike B. had moved to Marin and dropped out of sight. The two spent an hour over coffee, catching up. Roger shared the news of his divorce and his haunting mantra, “Is That All There Is?” He touched upon his colossal dating-failure rate.

Mike B listened. He mentioned an evolved, men’s group in Marin. They emphasized authenticity, masculinity, and empowerment. Although the dues were hefty- the exercises on integrity and love were “inspiring.” Mike B encouraged Roger to join. He offered to “coach” Roger through the next chapter. He added that he had been living in a unique house in Novato – an authentic living experience, once called “a commune.” It was where men and women shared and explored life, partners and lifestyles.

Roger was only half-listening;- he felt good about running into his old pal- who, too, had a spare tire, thinning hair and a really calm vibe. He could learn something from Mike B-who mentioned a lot of people now called him, ‘Big Daddy.”

The best news: he had a real date to go dancing with Sally from Safeway- who was actually friendly. Things were looking up.


Tomorrow: Roger goes on a real  date.ilove u_-9















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