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Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating – Makes 62 the new 82 – marketing debacle

theme park sideshow

Marketing 101: Online Dating sites can be a laugh a minute, a guffaw, an eye-roll and a cacophony of OMG’s.

The Marketing Department for must have concluded it would be “cute” to have a “hip daughter” help her feeble, doddering dad with their dating website.

The poor old guy is 62, for heaven’s sake…what with the walker, the glasses on a chain, the Mr. Rogers sweaters, the slippers he shuffles around in and all that confusion with them new fangled-computers…

     The daughter writes: “A Crash Course in Online Dating for the Technically Challenged

 According to the latest headlines, boomers are hitting dating sites in record numbers looking for love. I didn’t need a newspaper article to figure this out because my 62-year-old father is living proof of the trend.

While my Dad is quite adept at checking his stocks or uncovering research about his latest ailment, he seems to have a mental block when it comes to online dating. He can’t quite ever remember how to locate his favorite matchmaking site! …add changes to his personal profile or make adjustments to his preference settings.     And! When “instant messages” from “saucy fifty plus women” pop up on his screen… This is where my Internet skills and years of being single come into the picture. You see, I have become a ‘personal help desk to support to my Dad and all his cronies in their quest for love online…”


Lordy, lordy, thank you! You’re right!  Those pesky text messages- IM’s and- those dastardly emails – can easily confuse ‘cronies’ and members of The BoomBoom Generation (50-70 yrs. old)

Oh! Wait!

According to Apple Computer, (they make those confusing computer machines) across the board, the average age of the iPad owner is 50.

And, those complicated, challenging iPhones (with numbers after them like iPhone 6 – what’s up with that?) listen to this: more members of the BoomBoom Generation buy iPhones than any other age group. Perhaps they buy them for the “Timer” to remind them to take their meds and naps…

For OurTime to patronize 60 year olds – indicates they are very much out of touch with dating demographics.  I would venture to say, OurTime has offended and alienated legions of ‘saucy’ and ‘hold the sauce’ singles ages 50, 60, 70.

OurTime – kissing cousin to, Tinder, OkCupid, HowAboutWe,  and 22 other well-known dating sites (all owned by IAC and Barry Diller) should know better. Online dating is a 2.2 billion dollar business – who knew that?


Who says you can’t skewer facts for a sexier story?  And look out, Cronies, for those “saucy” 50+ women!  They can be a huge threat… and,  “Saucy”…who even uses that word?


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