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How to score a Second Date – Top 10 Reasons

Freestanding door in the woods
Top 10 Reasons a Second Date is in the Cards

So many First Dates implode within the first 10 minutes- yours won’t if:

1. You both look exactly like the current pictures you posted.

2. You both listed accurate Height and Weight and Age  – cool!

3. He arrives by foot, car, bus, train, bike… not a Harley.

4. He holds the door open for you, walks into the cafe after you. Manners- he has them – you appreciate them.

5. You both match! – they, too read books, attends same events you do – or is open to trying new activities.

6. During the entire date you never hear, or bore anyone with, an Ex-Bashing Story

7. You both laugh – a lot. This is huge.

8. You both read a) newspapers b) blogs c) books d) best sellers e) cereal boxes f) some of the above

9. You each have an amusing Internet dating story.

10. You both had fun and were relaxed and are looking forward to the next date.



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