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Burning Man is too hot for me! Don’t make me go!


Tribes, trysts and tribulations of seven days in the desert?

Dear Page Larkin

Karyn and I met on Cinco de Mayo.  By June 1, we both ecstatically quit and we are totally in love and 100% committed.     There is one small problem: she wants me to go to Burning Man. I’m 45 and I don’t do dust, deserts, or costume or crowds. Help!

San Francisco Frank

Dear San Francisco Frank,

Is this deal breaker or a relationship hurdle? There are myriad websites on prep, packing, planning, playing and staying at the La Playa. For thousands of people, Burning Man is Mecca – for, you and many others, it could be hell. You obviously already know: no way.


sand dunes

50,000 People Can’t be Wrong, Right?


Weather Report: Burning Man Cancelled for one day

Nevada’s Black Rock Desert reopened 6 a.m. Tuesday after it was postponed on its opening day



  Burning Man  located at Black Rock Desert  –   a thoroughly flat, prehistoric lakebed, composed of a hardpan alkali – daytime temps often exceed 100ºF and the humidity is way low.

There’s that. Yes, the week-long event has a reputation for the bizarre (birthday suits, nipple piecing, bacchanalia) and thousands of fans go to Burning Man- every year-  to play in the Playa, to frolic and admire the art. Aficionados know it takes a village to pull off this multi-faceted event. No, this isn’t a romantic spa weekend.

Doing Everything Together?

One relationship myth is that couples must do everything together.

This might have been the case- say, when you were 20. However, by the time you hit the big 4-0, you begin to appreciate your own space, downtime, private time, as well as  robust romantic relationship time. Talk to Karyn – express your support for her, your concerns and lack of interest. Tell her how you feel, Frank….and

Be happy that Rain Dance you did  worked – Burning Man was postponed…

(and, Tuesday,  the gates are open and the party commences)


Going Tribal

Steve Jones, famed San Francisco Bay Guardian writer – is a Burning Man savant. He made the rounds with his Chiclets teeth and sparkling blue eyes – promoting his  book all about Burning Man- the history and hysteria – entitled, The Tribes of Burning Man – check it out.

NET YEAR: If your heart-throb is passionate about Burning Man – the least you can do is come up to speed about the event.

Show her you care – enough to research, revel and cheer her on.  


Page Larkin


“So I took off all my clothes and got into the shower with a man I’d never met before. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made”. She Said – Burning Man 1999

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