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San Francisco: Did the earthquake shake, rattle, and roll? 6.0?

lUUnN7VGSoWZ3noefeH7_Baker Beach-12  Huge earthquake shakes northern California

 At 3:20 AM

Northern Californians were shaken awake with a huge,  jolting earthquake.

According to polls on KCBS Radio the Quake weighed in at 6.0

 A series of jolts scared the living daylights to of tens of thousands…of us…Bay Area residents.

Exit Sign

And, we are all wondering, where is that Earthquake Kit?  

And you can hear the lamentations:

We forgot to update the Earthquake Kit….Where is that water we were supposed to store? Flashlights? Do we have Flashlights?

Put that on “The To Do List.”

( Goodman’s Lumber in Marin County is Mecca for Earthquake Preparedness Kits/Supplies; Costco also has pre made kits)

At first blush, the very sobering, intimidating 6.0 shaker seemed a lot stronger and shorter  than the 1989 Quake. 

As the dust settles:  it appears Napa was the earthquake epicenter and hit the hardest. A sad day.




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