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San Francisco: Five Summer Fun Ideas


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The Top 5 Best Activities to Go, See, and Do in San Francisco this weekend

1. Best Place to be dazzled and see The Masters of Fire Exhibit- Palace of Legion of Honor –  Don’t miss this Stunning Display: Copper-Stone Age (ca. 5500–3500 BC) copper antiquities. Prepare to be dazzled by the amazing array of  relics found in caves in the 1960’s. 

 2. Best Funky Place to Have an Eclectic Cocktail at the Beach: The Riptide  – on the foggiest summer’s day at the beach – you can’t miss the Big Blue Bar at the Beach eclectic and funky and fun- claims to have the best staff, best juke box, best music, best Pacific Ocean view, free street parking; Happy Hour starts at 4pm-7pm

3. Best Place to Hug Tees?  What the FUF? Our Friends of the Urban Forests will teach you “Tree Care” in August . Volunteers welcomed. FUF has lined the streets of San Francisco for decades

4. Best Place to see free concerts on Sunday? Golden Gate Park Band performs 1pm– Speckle’s Band Shell or Stern Grove – arriver early and stake out your hallowed space. Talk to your neighbors – make a friend.

5. Want to be a Streetwalker? Taking it to the Streets: Save the Date August  24 – The Mission – Sunday Streets  is is free for you and me. Ramble, lollygag, linger, meander, skate, cycle, or just enjoy people-watching. You’ll see a little tai chi, some yoga, aerobics, and  people loving a car free calle.  Bring skates, unicycles and bicycles and a sense of yippee- open spaces




Best Place to get high in Marin County Really high: San Francisco Sea Plane Ride 

Take a lofty cruise over scenic Richardson Bay  in Marin County and it’s up, up and away! It’s a rush and so romantic




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