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Craigslist Missed Connections- like reading obituaries? Dead ends

sad-manReading Craigslist Missed Connections is like reading obituaries? Look out: Dead end ahead…

Craigslist Missed Connections  a.k.a. “I’m afraid to say “hey.”

 Take a look at “Missed” in any city, and you will see variations of the exact same posts. They  run the gamut from A-B:

I saw you walking down the street- did you see me?’

I saw you on the 38 Geary Bus – I was wearing black tights and a hoodie

You said hi to my dog

I passed by you on my pink bike and smiled at you.

You smiled at me at Safeway (Publix, Piggly Wiggly…)

I stood next to you at Starbucks. I ordered vegan mocha with whipped cream. I know.

I was across the room-reading ‘Goldfinch’ and you smiled.

We both crossed the Bay Bridge at the same time driving blue Prius cars.

You look so hot on Union Square today in those ripped jeans and leather jacket.

We were both crossing Montgomery Street today at 12 noon.

We both ordered turkey sandwiches at the deli on Pine Street today- could this be love?

You walked into Green Apple Books as I was walking out.


i-like-youicon-greatOkay, there are two ways ways to play this game.

 You can return to your cubicle – open your laptop and create yet another Craigslist connection haiku, poem, advertisement, and just hope, hope, hope Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect or “the hottie,” or “the hunk” will appear out of the ether.

 Or:   Take this Dating 101 Advice: Stop with “The shy” and start with “The smile and the hello.” Speak!

 Binkie, you are never going to meet anybody by merely smiling- without following it up with the hi, hello, hey, good morning, good afternoon, good night (Truman was right) Speak!

 Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”   Paulo Coelho

Top 3 Tips  -Best  Free Advice You Will Receive Today

 1. Being wishful and wispy is dead end behavior. Go for Courage. Be audacious. Get some Moxie. Grow some.

  2. The next time someone smiles at you – smile back and say, “Hey” or “Wait up” or “What’s up?”

 3. Big Tip: Introduce yourself and start a conversation.


And, you will never have to look at Missed Connections again.fireworks celebration 2


“Courage and coward are only a page away in the dictionary. Courage comes first.” P. Larkin


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