Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Breaking up over getting naked

Handpainted peace sign in dripping colorsAfter four months of great dates, Peter and Lucy concluded they were good for ‘the moment’ however, they had no future.

Actually, Lucy concluded they had no future.

Peter was smart, successful and spontaneous. He had a never ending supply of ideas for unique dates including beginner dance lessons, lectures at the JCC, they saw the Improv group BATS, attended Free Days at museums, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, had his/hers massages at the Kabuki, and scored SRO tickets for the San Francisco Symphony. There were impromptu picnics in Marin, a wine tasting in St Helena and they discovered the artist, Layla Fanucci and her art gallery and winery – double winner.

The naked truth: He had HAI hopes

Then Peter urged Lucy to get HAI with him.  HAI?  What did that mean? (It has nothing to do with the Helicopter Assn. International.) The Internet had one definition – then again, so did Peter. She ascertained it was ‘naked frolicking in public’. He called them ‘human awareness exercises.’ The deal was, clothes we optional – not appreciated.

Why waste time?

As much fun as they enjoyed, Lucy was not a fan of wearing her birthday suit around total strangers bit. Peter loved it and kept pressing. For that reason, and a few other cloying differences that just cropped up over time – she decided to end the romantic liaison and graduate to ‘”just friends”.

Clever girl, Lucy penned a sweet email – alluding to their relationship being like a glass of champagne: bubbles are fun, lively, entertaining and, in time, they disappear.

He called to say he didn’t ‘get’ the one line about “All good things must come to an end– let’s move on – fini compleat. Thank you, best wishes.”

 Next, she complied the ‘Best CD of Breakup Songs’ ever made – a clear, hard-hitting message – all along the lines of “breaking up is hard to do.”

 He texted and asked if she had sent him a “Dear John CD.” Prescient. Keeping in line with the separation motif- she stopped returning his texts.

 The Big Clue

When Lucy saw Peter’s profile back up on she knew they both had come to the same conclusion – just at different times.

They are friends – from afar.

Both are dating new people. Happily-ever-after. It happens.

Golf is more fun than walking naked in a strange place, but not much.   Buddy Hackett





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