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Worst online dating pix: avoid at all costs


 Online Dating Photos 101: What Not To Do

Selecting your Photos for your Online Dating Profile. Whether you are on Match, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Tinder or Bumble…  a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words -and it is your first impression. Get real.

Stellar Examples of Egregious Online Dating Photos:

bad photos12

No explanation required.unnamed-10

Sure, you and your best friend enjoyed ‘Smart Cocktails.’

Inspired, you bought funny glasses and thought you were an absolute scream. Who wouldn’t get a big kick out of the fun and festive photos?

Truth be told: 99% of all people scanning your so-called funny  photo are going to wonder

a) Which one is “Ms. Mary Mischief?

b) Why is she hiding behind ghastly funhouse glasses?

c) How often does she go out for ‘Smart Cocktails?’

d) Why did she choose such a bad photograph?



                           Another really bad idea: Selfies… and ‘Mirror Shots’ are terrible reflection on you. Please, do not point your smart phone at the mirror – dumb idea.

Finally: Aw…yes, puppies are cute.chihuahua-dog-puppy-cute-39317.jpeg

But, listen, Binkie, this is not a picture of you. Making this “Your Photo” is a dead end. Step up to the camera and smile.

Get real, get a recent, complimentary photograph of yourself and post it.

Good luck!




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