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No Pajamas in Public, Binkie: Top 5 reasons – no second date for you

photo_1890_20060818truckNo Pajamas in Public, Binkie.  The top five reasons he is not going to ask you for second date

  1. You showed up wearing pajamas. At 11:00AM. For a coffee date at Mel’s Drive-In on Geary Boulevard.
  2.  “Bitchen” used to mean something else: By pure coincidence, you met in the parking lot and your little white dog was in your lap while hanging out the car window. Same hyper, yappy, little white dog accompanied you on the date.
  3.  You Missed Manners: You took three phone calls during a 20-minute coffee date. Yes, you were frothy with apologies- but flat, with sincerity and manners. First impressions last forever.
  4. Bulldozer Interview: You came on really strong-inquiring about his income,  home address, where his ex-wife lived, and if he required any medicinal “lifts” in the boudoir. Buzz kill 101.
  5. Truthfully: You wrote on your profile that you were an “Economist”- then, said you were a ‘Shared Economist.’  Actually, you divulged you rent out your kid’s room on Air BnB and drive for Lyft and Monkey Parking seems promising to you. Perhaps you meant to say you were an ‘entrepreneur.’ The Truth will see you free…imageshattt

    “Don’t keep a man guessing too long – he’s sure to find the answer somewhere else.” Mae West


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